Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mom Has Me Castrated

Five naked, big-bottomed sissy eunuchs waddle out onto the stage at the monthly eunuch auction. Their nipples and their childish, rubbery little penises are painted a bright red, thus accentuating their submissive status. The auction is well attended by upper-class woman eager to indulge in the latest fad in domestic help.

Lady Nuttingham, the presenter, came on stage and said, "Welcome ladies to this month's eunuch auction." She paused, then said, "You know, eunuchs make excellent servants and their castrated state serves as a constant reminder of their subservient role." She paused again, then said, "And what a fine bunch of eunuchs we have for you today, ladies!" There were a few titters from the audience. "You couldn't ask for sweeter, more hardworking and obedient personal savants. They're all fully trained to do all your housework and to serve your guests when you entertain." And then, in a confidential semi-whisper, "They've also been trained to provide more intimate bedroom service, as well." There were some gasps and ooohs at this. Then she announced cheerily,  "And to think, only a short time ago they were all lazy masturbators!" A ripple of restrained laughter ran through the audience.

Lady Nuttingham went up to the first eunuch and asked him to present himself to the audience. He stepped forward, spread his legs and lifted his little, rubbery, bright-red penis up out of the way so that his empty scrotum was clearly visible. There was polite applause.

"What's your name, eunuch?" asked Lady Nuttingham.

"Sid," he replied.

"Well, Sid," continued Lady Nuttingham, "what were you doing a year ago?"

"I, I was sitting around my mom's house all day watching TV, surfing the 'Net and, and masturbating," stammered Sid, and he blushed and tried to hide his face.

"What a bad, naughty boy you were!" exclaimed Lady Nuttingham in mock outrage. "And then what happened?"

"My mom got fed up and called the Sissy Care Camp ladies to come pick me up!" Sid gasped out. There were a few giggles in the audience.

"Oh my, that must have been quite a shock to you, wasn't it?" said Lady Nuttingham and Sid nodded meekly. "And how do you feel about it now?"

"Oh, oh, I'm, I'm very happy and grateful now," said Sid.

"Grateful for what, exactly," pressed Lady Nuttingham.

"For, my mom having me castrated and trained by the ladies at the camp!" gasped Sid.

"There, there, that's a good boy," soothed Lady Nuttingham. She then added slyly, "And I presume that you no longer have any masturbation problems, correct?" The audience laughed and the sissy eunuch just hung his head in shame.

Then she told him to stand back in line. As he did so, he began to think back to that day when the he'd been picked up by the ladies from the Sissy Care Camp.


Sid's mom opened the bathroom door and saw him sitting naked on the toilet, jerking off. "Oh!" she exclaimed, "masturbating again, I see. Well, when you're ready, please come into the living room, we need to talk." In a few moments he meekly got up, pulled on his pants and went out into the living room where his mom and his sister were waiting.

"Something's got to be done about your masturbation problem. Your sister and I are sick and tired of always catching you. And we can't have any of our lady friends over any more because you're always exposing yourself. And when I'm not around your sister says you openly ejaculate in front of her!"

 "I, I can't help it, she, she makes me do it!" said Sid.

"I've found a special place that can help. They know just how to 'fix' your little problem." said his mom.

"Oh, no! Please! I'll be good! I promise! I'm, I'm sorry. I'll try harder." said Sid.

"It's really for your own good, Sid. They'll be here shortly." said his mom.

A few minutes later a white van pulled into the driveway.

Sid's mom got up and opened the front door and said, "C'mon, let's go."

He got into the plain white van and sat down in the back, his heart beating fast. "Where, where are you taking me," he asked one of the ladies.

The friendly lady driving the van said, "We're taking you to a special camp for boys who need help... adjusting."

They rode in silence until they reached a large fenced-in compound in some woods. The van stopped at a gate which was opened and they drove to one of the buildings in the compound.

The ladies got out of the van and led Sid inside. They walked down a brightly lit corridor and Sid was ushered into the director's office. The director was a lady doctor and she sat behind a desk. Seated next to her was a sexy nurse. He also noticed a medical exam table fitted with stirrups over on one side of the office. The director told Sid to be seated and then she dismissed his escorts.

The director introduced herself as Dr. Amelia Brown.

"Well, Sid," said Dr. Brown in a warm and friendly way, "I understand that you've been having certain behavior problems."

"Yes, yes," stammered Sid.

"Well, don't worry, we've had lots of experience with boys like you and I'm confident we'll be able to help."

"Thank, thank you, doctor."

"It seems that the chief problem is your sexual behavior. My notes here say that you're a compulsive masturbator."

"I, I, no, I," babbled Sid, blushing furiously.

"According to my notes, you're in the habit of masturbating up to four times a day. Is that correct?"

"I, I, yes," Sid quietly said and hung his head in shame.

"And when you masturbate, do you use pornography?"


"What kind."

"Sissy porn."

"What kind of pornography is that?"

"That's, that's where women turn, turn men into sissies and make them do embarrassing and humiliating things."

"I see. And it also says in my notes that you live at home with your mother and an older sister and that you are frequently 'caught in the act', not just by them but by their female friends as well."

"I, I, yes, it's true, but, but my mom is awful snoopy..." Sid spluttered.

"And it also says you regularly expose yourself to your sister."

"Yes, yes, but it's not fair!" exclaimed Sid in a near panic, "I can't help it!  She makes me do it!"

"It says that when no one else is around you openly masturbate and ejaculate right in front of her."

"But, but, she, she teases me! She, she makes me get an erection and then she makes me play with it!" babbled Sid.

Dr. Brown cut him off, saying, "Don't try and shift the blame onto others, Sid. After all, it was your sister's idea to send you to this camp."

Sid just whimpered and slumped dejectedly in his chair.

Dr. Brown cleared her throat and said, "Well, it's just as I thought. Your case is completely typical and it's obvious what needs to be done. First of all, it will be my great pleasure to nip your little sexual behavior problem right in the bud. Get undressed and get up onto my examination table."

"What, what are you going to do to me?" he asked timidly as he obediently took off his clothes and got up onto the examination table.

"I'll explain as we go along. Nurse, help him get his feet up into the stirrups." Once his feet were in the stirrups the doctor instructed her nurse to shave his scrotum.

"You see, Sid, what boys like you fail to realize is that when you misuse your manhood you run a real risk of losing it."

"Nurse, please inject the anesthetic." The nurse took a large hypodermic needle and injected next to his scrotum.

"You've shown you're incapable of handling the responsibilities of being a man and using your manhood properly. So the best thing to do is to relieve you of that problem."

"Oh no!" whimpered Sid, "Please don't!"

"Relax Sid, we have your mother's full approval for what I'm going to do. In fact, she specifically requested it. And I've done it lots of times. It doesn't take long."

The doctor went to work between his legs and in a few minutes it was all over and she told her nurse to bandage him up.

"Welcome to Sissy Care Camp, Sid, you're now a eunuch," Dr. Brown said, and the nurse giggled.

His mother and sister came a couple weeks later to visit him at the camp. The director gave Sid's mother a specimen jar with his testicles in it. His mother made Sid pull down his pants and show them his empty scrotum. "That's what happens to naughty boys who play with themselves," she said smugly.


Sid stopped daydreaming and allowed himself to come back to focus on the auction. He found that the bidding had just completed on him and he'd been sold to a friendly, matronly woman in a flowery dress.

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