Thursday, November 12, 2015

"Fixing Little Jimmy" - femdom castration fantasy

Little Jimmy lives with his attractive, divorced mother and his sexy older sister in a small house in suburbia. Little Jimmy earned his nickname by being an immature, whiny little momma's boy.

Max, their little pet dog, has begun masturbating frequently so the mother decides to have him fixed.

Coincidently, Little Jimmy has just turned 18 and has also begun playing with himself a lot, and quite openly, too. The mother tells him to come along with her to the vet.

At the vet, the mother hands Max over to a young female assistant and takes Little Jimmy in to see the sexy lady vet.

The mother tells the vet about Max's masturbation problem and the vet smiles and said she'd be happy to fix that. Then the mother tells the vet about Little Jimmy's similar problem. Little Jimmy whines and says she is embarrassing him. She tells him to shush. The vet is very sympathetic.

"And we're always catching him at it," the mother complains. "Just last week one of my daughter's girlfriends caught him doing it on the toilet. He cried out, 'Oh, oh, look at me!' and then squirted!"

They both laugh, but then the vet scowls and says, “But really, how awful."

Then the mother goes on, "And we're always been finding little puddles and smears of his smelly cum all over the house. Really, I'm at my wit's end."

The vet thinks for a moment and then says, "Well, one way to fix it is to do the same to thing to Jimmy as to Max."

"Really?" asks the mother. "Is that possible?"

"Oh, yes," smiles the vet, "it's very possible. It's not something I do every day but you wouldn't be the first mom that's asked for help with this."

"But they were all 18, right?" asks the mother.

"Oh yes!" exclaims the vet. "I wouldn't dream of doing anything remotely sexual with someone under the age of 18.

Little Jimmy is listening intently now.

"But to get back to your first question," the vet continues, "I even had one woman who brought in her husband!"

"Oh my goodness!" exclaims the mother. "What did you do?"

"Well," says the vet with a twinkle, "let's just say he was a much better husband when he left the clinic that day!" They both laugh.

"I wish I'd thought of that before I got my divorce,” says the mother and they both laugh again.

"But seriously," continues the mother, "how could you get a man to let you do that?"

"Oh, it was really pretty easy," the vet replies, "he thought he was just going to enjoy a kinky little sex scene. He said he always wondered what it would be like to be fixed. But he was just so sweet the way he spread his legs and offered himself, I just couldn't resist. He had such a sweet, tight little sac!"

"And then it turned out to be the real thing?" suggests the mother.

"Well, it was certainly a whole lot kinkier than he expected," says the vet with a quiet smile.

There is silence for a few moments while the mother tries to absorb what she's just heard. Then she asks, “Could you tell me what would be involved?"

"Of course," says the vet. "In fact, I can even give you a little walk-through."

The vet tells Jimmy to strip off his pants and underpants and climb onto her table. He gets an erection which makes the women laugh. "He probably wants to play with himself right now," says the mother. "Isn't that right, Little Jimmy?"

Little Jimmy whines and nods and says, "Yes, can I... can I, please...?"

"Of course not!" snaps the mother indignantly.

A little bead of pre-cum forms on the tip of his erection.

The vet describes the operation. "First we shave him, then we inject the anesthetic." Then she gently touches the spots on his tight little scrotum showing  where she will make the incisions. His erection bobs and starts to drool. She tells how she will squeeze out his balls and snip his cords.

"Oh, his scrotum is just so sweet and tight!" exclaims the vet. "I'd love to open him up right now!" She offers to call in her assistant and do it for free right then and there.

Pre-cum drools out and makes a small puddle on his abdomen. Little Jimmy is frightened but also very excited and he has to fight the urge to grab it and jerk off.

The mother tells the vet she's very tempted. She says Little Jimmy would look very cute with an empty little sac.

Little Jimmy is terrified. "No! No! Please! I promise to be good! Please don't!" Suddenly, he squeezes his eyes shut and cries out, "Oh! Oh! I can't help it!" and starts humping the air and ejaculating.

The women watch in stunned silence. Then the vet hands him some tissues and the mother says, "Ugh! Disgusting! How could you?!" Little Jimmy just squirms and whimpers.

Little Jimmy gets dressed and they go out to the waiting room and wait for the vet to get done with Max.

As they're leaving, the vet says to the mother, "I love my work, especially the castrations. Please feel free to bring Little Jimmy in any time. I'll be glad to take of him for you." Little Jimmy whimpers and the two women exchange a quiet glance and a soft smile.

As soon as they get home Little Jimmy rushes to his bedroom to urgently jerk himself off. The mother smiles knowingly.